Rooted & Flourishing 4-Month Program

The Rooted & Flourishing program is designed to support the deepest healing to create positive change and increase your capacity for growth and well-being for the long-term. We do this by setting clear goals for our time together and working towards experiencing what you most need. You will be an active and accountable partner in your own healing. Through our partnership, many things will be revealed that open you up to new possibilities while also giving you strong roots for continued growth. 


Rooted and Flourishing consists of: 


  • 6 weekly 90-minute sessions

  • 6 biweekly/monthly 90-minute sessions

ThetaHealing® to clear subconscious beliefs that are non-beneficial and instill the subconscious with beliefs that support your  health and personal growth. ThetaHealing will make you a more conscious person so that the energy of truth within you becomes your guide.  

Biofield Tuning to open and close each session, bringing balance and restoration to the nervous system so that we can really dive deep with ThetaHealing®.


Flower Essences- customized blends to guide sessions and to reclaim the inner-resources you have lost or never knew you had and to enhance the healing work that occurs in-between sessions. Clients will work with the essences throughout the program and we will transition between essences as needed.

  •   4-5 custom flower essence remedies

  • 5  distance and/or recorded Biofield Tuning sessions. These will not necessarily be body-focused. Rather, as changes occur throughout the program, we may work directly on certain emblems of your life (projects, areas of house, bank accounts, website, etc.) since they often have a life-force of their own. We will use Biofield Tuning to bring coherence and increased energy to specific emblems of your life and/or  your body so that their energy flows in the direction of your goals.  

  •  Email support in-between sessions. The work done between sessions creates the root structure for each subsequent session. Consisting of:


  • goal-setting 

  • action steps 

  • affirmations

  • custom reflection assignments​


  • Discount on single sessions after completion of the Rooted & Flourishing Package.



Megan is professional, empathetic and grounded. I came to Megan’s charming office emotionally shut down, terrified of an impending divorce, suffering from chronic fatigue, joint pain, anxiety, brain fog and a host of additional symptoms of Lyme disease that I could not get under control, despite a team of doctors and therapists... Today I am a different person."

"The interplay between flower essences, biofield tuning, energy work, and thetahealing is profound on so many planes. Insights and the "work" from this session still continues to integrate in to my reality."

Tune-in & Tune-Up 90-minute Session

Tune-in & Tune-Up is great if you are new to energy work and want to see how it works and experience greater balance and clearing energy. It is also ideal for a monthly or quarterly Tune-Up to keep your physical, emotional and energetic field in optimal shape.

Tune-In & Tune-Up includes:

  • 1- 90-minutes session that incorporates equal parts ThetaHealing® and Biofield Tuning

  • Topical use of flower essences

  • Follow-up after the session.

"I reflected on some stuff that had come up during the session and when I went to bed, I had significantly less trouble relaxing to sleep" - D.N.