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Flower Essences

Flower essences are heavily diluted (yet powerful) flower extracts. They address a wide and nuanced range of mental, emotional and spiritual conditions.


Flower essences are a testament to divine guidance in our lives. The wisdom of the plant world is vast, detailed and deeply personal. You do not need to be an "outdoorsy" to understand that the flowers are speaking to you through the essences. They are generous, and their healing will be apparent. They work with you at a pace and manner that is unique to you. Flower essences are a wonderful way to continue to work on yourself in between sessions.

                         How are Flower Essences used in a session?

In a session, we will select a couple essences to use topically to guide and focus the session. If you choose to commit to a package, you will receive custom blends. As we work together and insights are revealed, we will select 3-5 other essences to create a custom remedy for you to take home.