*In-Person & Distance Sessions are available

I help clients root their relationships in rich soil so they can become who they truly are.

Biofield Tuning to reset the nervous system so your body can heal faster

 Flower Essences to deepen emotional balance for greater joy, confidence & peace of mind

 ThetaHealing® to transform limiting beliefs to improve physical health as well as personal & professional relationships 

Welcome. My name is Megan Bovis. I am a San Francisco-based Energy Medicine Practitioner. My speciality is helping people transform the way they show-up in their relationships so they can be their true self and grow into their future. I use a synergistic blend of modalities to support my clients, namely Biofield Tuning, Flower Essences and ThetaHealing®.  My clients come to me to address a wide variety of challenges varying from relationship intimacy, family issues, gut health, lyme’s disease, career, etc., but the remedy for all my clients lies in transforming the way they show-up in their relationships, which in turn transforms their relationship with themselves and reorients their life direction. 

 Sessions are available both in-person and long distance. In-person sessions are held at Emerging Coherence Studio in the Sunset District of San Francisco. 

 If you struggle with any of the following issues, this work is for you:

  • Low-energy

  • Depression

  • Lyme disease

  • Digestive problems

  • Chronic Pain

  • Relationship/Partner problems

  • Family Issues

  • Career

  • Relocation

  • Weight gain 

  • Difficulty Communicating

  • Surgery Prep


"Megan is professional, empathetic and grounded. I came to Megan’s charming office emotionally shut down, terrified of an impending divorce, suffering from chronic fatigue, joint pain, anxiety, brain fog and a host of additional symptoms of Lyme disease that I could not get under control, despite a team of doctors and therapists... Today I am a different person."

"Megan is such a skillful, caring practitioner with her words and presence. The interplay between flower essences, biofield tuning, energy work, and theta healing is profound on so many planes. Insights and the "work" from this session still continues to integrate in to my reality. Ever grateful for your good works, Megan" - B.D.

                        Location and Contact Info:

                     Emerging Coherence Studio
1433 Noriega Street San Francisco, CA 94122